Wheat halwa recipe

Wheat halwa recipe is made using wheat milk which is obtained from soaked and sprouted wheat.

Preparation of Wheat halwa recipe

We need 4 things to prepare wheat halwa

*Wheat milk -250ml

*Jaggery or raw sugar -500/600grams

*Ghee -500ml

*Cashewnut – 50 grams.

Preparation of wheat milk:

Firstly soak cleaned wheat in water for 24 hours and drain out the water and keep it the same vessel or put the soaked wheat in a white cloth and tie it to drain out water completely and keep it for 1 another day. The wheat will sprout. This is used to make Halwa.

Secondly grind the sprouted wheat using mixer blender. And drain out the first rated milk from it. So, it is used to make first rated halwa. It should be semi liquid.

Steps to prepare halwa:

1.Put pan in stove and on the stove but put stove in low flame then add sugar and add the wheat milk and mix them well.

2. Stir the mixer in medium flame by adding ghee with it. But there should not be any clot or block stick at bottom while stir. So, stir it without gap.

3. Stir without gap to get smooth halwa.

4. In between add 2-4 teaspoonful of ghee for each 2-3 minutes.

5. Stir it until the halwa will leak out the ghee after it boiled well. Finally add the roasted cashew powder with the halwa to get good taste.

6. We need to cook for 5-10 minutes after it leaks out ghee.

7. When halwa boiled it leaks out more ghee from that. (That’s it will leak out the ghee that it taken while it cooks.

8. This would take nearly 30-40 minutes in the stove. Then change it to a plate and leave it to cool.

Cut them into pieces and serve. Finally our excellent and tasty wheat halwa attracts children. Certainly, they will love this halwa and praise you. Here we add raw sugar or jaggery which is more healthy to all aged people. The sugar patients should intake less amount.

Try it and share your valuable comments!


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