Vazhaipoo poriyal

Vazhaipoo poriyal:

Vazhaipoo poriyal is prepared using Vazhaipoo(Banana flower). It purifies blood and encourages cells to make new blood cells. Good food for all age groups.

Things required for Vazhaipoo poriyal:


2. Small onion-50 grams(Peal and chop)

3. Green or red chili-3 piece(Cut each into two pieces)

4. Ground nut oil or coconut oil -2 table spoon

5. Mustard -1 teaspoon

6. Curry leaves- 10 (cut into small pieces)

7. Coconut- 1/2 cup(Grated)

8. Urad dal, Bengal gram dal-1 tea spoon each

Work done before we start cooking:

Firstly separate the banana flowers from it’s pod.

Secondly remove two things from each flower like I have shown on the diagram.

After removing those parts from each flower and cut them into small pieces. Keep this by adding some water.  Because after cutting, it will react with air and it became black in ridges of each cut.

After cleaning, finally we would get 150 grams of flower to cook from one banana flower.

Preparation of Vazhaipoo poriyal:

Firstly put small cooker in stove let it heat for sometime. Then add oil and heat it for sometime. Put mustard let it burst.

After mustard burst, add urad dal and bengal gram dal. Secondly fry them till they turn light brown. Now add onion, chili and curry leaves. Then fry them till the onion turns light brown. Finally add the cleaned and cut banana flowers. Add 1/4th of water for the amount of ingredients in the cooker.

Put lit and cook for 2 whistles and put off the stove.

Let the pressure goes off naturally from cooker.

Then open the cooker if there is water remains in the cooker let it fry until all water goes off. Finally add grated coconut. Mix them.

Finally our Vazhaipoo poriyal is ready to serve. It is side dish to rice.

Benefits of Vazhaipoo:

There are many health benefits like wards off infections, reduces free radical activity, reduces menstrual bleeding, Manages diabetes and anemia and, most importantly rich source of vitamins and minerals.

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