Textured Vegetable protein

Textured Vegetable Protein:

Textured Vegetable Protein is made using meal maker, chili powder, gram flour and salt. This dish is rich in protein. It is easy to prepare.

Ingredients needed to make Textured Vegetable protein:

  1. Meal maker -50 gram
  2. Chili powder -3 table spoon
  3. Gram flour- 5 table spoon
  4. Salt -required amount
  5. Curry leaves -Small quantity
  6. Turmeric powder -1 tea spoon
  7. Tomato paste -1 table spoon
  8. Ground nut oil – required amount(300ml)

Preparation of meal maker for making chili:

Rinse the meal maker well and soak it in water over night by adding 1 tea spoon of salt and 1 tea spoon of turmeric.

After it soak completely, drain out water completely and crush out water from soaked meal maker.

Now add chili powder, gram flour, salt and Tomato paste( Take out seeds from tomato and grind it as a fine paste) to the meal maker. Then mix them well.

Keep this for 5 minutes to the essence gets into the meal maker.

Put pan in medium flame and add ground nut oil. Let it heat for some time until the oil heated well. Now, put the meal maker which is flavored with chili powder into oil. Let it fry well. Take off them. Meal maker chili is ready. šŸ™‚

Finally put curry leaves into the oil and let it fry and take off, mix with the meal maker chili. Now, excellent and protein rich meal maker chili is ready to serve.

It takes less work to prepare and rich in protein. If we make it at home it is healthy too

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