Sweet pongal recipe 2019

Sweet pongal recipe:

Sweet pongal recipe is made in special occasion like pongal festival, Amman festival,… It is delicious recipe made using raw rice and Jaggery with added few more ingredients.

Ingredients for pongal recipe:

  1. Raw rice -1/2 kg -2 tumbler
  2. Jaggery -1/2 kg
  3. Cardamom -5 pieces
  4. Cashew nut -50 gram
  5. Kismis -10 grams
  6. Ghee -100 grams
  7. Coconut milk- thick milk 50 ml
  8. Water – 6 tumbler

Preparation of pongal:

Step:1 Firstly, grate the 1 coconut and add 50ml water with it and grind using mixie and drain out the milk completely. Keep it aside. Secondly, Powder the cardamom, cashew nut by adding some sugar with it.

Preparing sweet pongal using cooker:

Step:2 Rinse 2 tumbler of the raw rice and drain out the water completely. Then add the water. Here, water to rice ratio is 3:1. If you use 1 tumbler of rice you need to use 3 tumbler of water then only we will get pongal otherwise we will get rice.

Step:3 Put the lid and let it cook for 3 whistles and leave the cooker until the pressure goes off naturally. Now, Open the lid and put it in stove. Now, White pongal is ready.

Step:4 In addition, Add the jaggery, cardamom powder, cashew nut powder, 50g of ghee and coconut milk into the white pongal. Mix them well and keep it in stove under low flame 10-15 minutes until it becomes 3/4th of solid state.

Step:5 Put off the flame and leave the pongal for half an hour to cool. It will become solid state when it cools completely. Finally add the remaining ghee. Sweet pongal in cooker is ready to serve.

Preparation of sweet pongal in pot:

Step:1 Firstly, follow the step1 above.

Step:2 Put the pot in medium flame and pour 9 tumbler of water and let it boil. When it boils add the rinsed rice and let it cook well under medium flame.

Step:3 during it cooks, drain out the water or porridge from the pot using spoon. when it completely cooked and removed all porridge.

Step:4 Follow the step 4 and step 5 above.

Finally, sweet pongal in pot is ready to serve.

It would be delicious if we eat. In India Sweet pongal is prepared in special occasion.

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