Summer drinks:

Summer drinks:

There are some super special summer recipes made at home to make the body cool and immune.

There are 5 special summer recipes prepared at home to make our skin healthy and cool.

Butter milk with mint and curry leaves:

This is flavored butter milk made at home which is tasty and healthy.

Things required to make flavored butter milk:

  1. Butter milk -1 cup
  2. Pudina(mint)-1/4 handful
  3. Curry leaves -1/4 handful
  4. Cumin seeds with pepper -1 table spoon
  5. Salt-required amount

Preparation of butter milk with mint and curry leaves:

Take all the ingredients except butter milk, rinse them well. Then put them in mixie jar and grind into a fine paste. Then drain out the water part. Add this water part with Butter milk. Enjoy this summer flavored butter milk.

Keep it in pot to get chill flavored buttermilk. This is healthy and nutritious to all age group people.

Cucumber with butter milk:

Cucumbers are low in calories but high in many important vitamins and minerals. …

Things required to make cucumber with butter milk:

  1. Cucumber -1(sliced in thin circles)
  2. Buttermilk-250ml
  3. Salt -required amount

Preparation of cucumber with butter milk:

Add the sliced cucumber with buttermilk and add the salt with them. Then let it for 10 minutes then only the salt taste will mingle well with the cucumber.

After 10 minutes our cucumber with butter milk is ready to take. We can have this preparation in empty stomach. You can feel coolness of the body if you take it for 1 week continuously.

Date fruit milk shake:

Date fruit milk shake is a healthy nutritious drink made at home and enjoyable in all seasons.

Things required for Date fruit milk shake:

  1. Date fruit-5 (remove the seeds and soak in water overnight)
  2. Honey -1 teaspoon
  3. Milk -1 tumbler (Boiled and cooled)

Preparation of Date fruit milk shake:

Put the soaked date fruit in mixie jar and grind it into a fine paste. Then drain out the waste from it.

Add the drained juice into milk and add small amount of honey if required. Then mix them well.

Immediately you can take it or if you want cool put the preparation in refrigerator for 1 hour and have it.

It would give you energy and helps for rejuvenating the skin. It increases secretion of new blood cells.

Fermented rice water:

Tender coconut water:

Tender coconut water is nutritious liquid that would a god’s gift for summer season.

Take a Tender coconut and drink has several nutrients like carbs, fiber, protein, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, calcium,..

Take 1 tender coconut water gives you enough coolness to your body.

Prepare the summer drinks at home and enjoy the drinks and leave your comments:)

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