Summer drinks part three

The summer drinks part three tells you about healthy and cool drinks and give essential nutrients to your body. Summer drinks part three tells few more healthy drinks for summer and they are delicious and helps to avoid market available drinks….

Once you have cool body, it would help you to improve the blood secretion. Certainly, that would help you to improve the immunity of your body. As a result, the immunity keeps your body from virus attacks and diseases.

Preparation of juices are easy and simple process and it works great. So, please all of you make juices and drink a lot to keep your body cool and immune.

I’m writing the summer drinks as part 1, 2 ,3,…

Here are some simple juices,

I) Wonderful Carrot juice:

Things required for carrot juice are

. Carrot -2 cleaned and cut into small pieces

. Honey -2 table spoon

Firstly to prepare carrot juice , put the sliced carrot pieces into jar, add some pot water and grind it well. Then squeeze the juice part using a sieve.

If you get 1 tumbler of juice add two table spoon of honey and mix them well.

Have this juice in whenever you want. We know the benefits of Honey and carrot, when I mix them it gives awesome immunity to our body.

II) Nice Water melon juice:

The things required to prepare water melon juice are

. Water melon -100 grams ( cut the red part into small pieces)

. Honey -2 table spoon

Firstly put the pieces of water melon into juicer and beat it well. Now, filter the water part using sieve. Now, add two table spoon of honey for 1 tumbler of juice.

Watermelon juice is ready to take in all the time.

As we know the water melon has water content more gives stomach full feeling when you take 1 tumbler of juice.

This gives awesome immunity to our body to keep us from the summer diseases.

III) Colorful Orange juice:

Things required to orange juice are

. Orange- 2(peal and remove the seeds)

.Honey -2 table spoon

Firstly put the orange in juicer and beat it well then squeeze using the sieve. Then add honey to it mix them well.

Finally the orange juice is ready to take. It is enriched in vitamin C and improves the coolness to your body. Orange and honey combination gives extraordinary benefit to our health.

IV) Beneficial Grapes juice:

Things required for grapes juice are

.Black seeded graphs -100gram(Rinse well and separate one by one).

.Honey -2 table spoon

Take the grapes and rinse them well. The grapes must be seeded. We need to use the seeded grapes for juice because grape seeds has excellent property for heart functioning. Put the grapes in juices and grind it well. After grind it well and filter out the residual. Then add the honey and mix it with juice.

Finally the grape juice is ready to take.

V) Awesome strawberry juice:

Things required to prepare Strawberry juice are

. Strawberry -5 fruits (remove the green part)

.Honey- 2 table spoon

Firstly take the strawberry and rinse them well and put in mixie jar. Grind it well by adding some pot water.

Then filter out the juice add honey to it and mix them well. Finally take the awesome juice to get active brain. Therefore, we saw how to prepare few drinks for summer.

Most importantly, the juices has extraordinary vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that certainly gives fair skin. And most importantly increases blood circulation.

Most importantly we are given with another link for summer drinks. So, try them too and enjoy the summer drinks. But some of the drinks can not be taken in winter season.

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