Sugar adhirasam

Sugar adhirasam is a sweet snacks. We can make it in festival season using rice flour. It is very simple to make. But we need 3 members while we prepare it.

Things required to make Sugar adhirasam:

*Raw Rice flour- 2kg

*Raw sugar-1.5 kg (I have added link in which you can buy raw sugar)

*Cardamom-10 pieces

*Dried ginger(Sukku) -15grams

*Water -200ml

*Groundnut oil-3 litres

Preparation of rice flour:

Firstly, clean the raw rice and soak it in water for 4-5 hours. We should soak the raw rice for these many hours to get soft rice flour. It gives us soft adhirasam recipe.

Once raw rice soaked in water for 5 hours remove all water and dry it under fan or sunlight till it all water goes off. And there should not be water content. It means it should be little bit dry.

Add all cardamom and dried ginger with dried rice.

You can grind it using mixie jar or bring to machine and ask them to grind the soaked and dried raw rice for adhirasam.

Powdered raw rice

Preparation of rice flour dough for adhirasam:

Firstly take raw sugar and mix with 200ml of water. And let them boil by put it in medium flame.

Once it boils, filter it with sieve to remove all dirt from sugar.

Secondly, boil the filtered sugar syrup till it turns one string consistency.

When sugar syrup turns one string consistency turn off the stove.

Important note: When we make sugar syrup pour some sugar syrup into plain water. When you take the sugar syrup from water using fingers it should NOT dissolve into water.

Before sugar syrup cools down add the flour to sugar syrup and mix them well.

Adhirasam dough

Mix the sugar syrup and flour well and keep it aside for 1 or 2 days. Why we are keeping for 1 or 2 days is to get the sugar syrup and flour soak well.

Preparation of Sugar adhirasam:

Firstly put the iron pan on stove. But stove should be in medium flame. Pour oil in the pan and let it heat for some time.

While the oil boils, make balls of adhirasam dough into small balls.

When the oil boils to enough state(It should heat for approximately 60 degree celsius).

Now flatten each dough balls and put them into oil let it boil for some time( till it turns light brown).

Take of each piece and crush out the oil from adhirasam. Then keep it aside.

Finally our adhirasam to eat as snacks.

Here is the link for raw sugar

Here is the link for dried ginger(Sukku)

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