Simple chicken fry recipe:

Simple chicken fry recipe is made simply at home with simple ingredients available at kitchen. It is very delicious and awesome to taste it.

Ingredients required for simple chicken fry recipe:

  1. Chicken (Nattu chicken) 1/2 kg
  2. Garlic 50 grams
  3. Ginger 10 grams
  4. Small onion 50 grams(pealed and cleaned)
  5. Cinamon half inch piece
  6. Tomato 1/2 chopped well
  7. Gingelly oil 50 ml
  8. Red chili 20 pieces (break each piece into two pieces)
  9. Curry leaves required amount
  10. Turmeric powder half teaspoon
  11. Salt required amount
  12. mustard small amount to season

Preparation of simple chicken fry:

Firstly peal the garlic gloves and onion then remove the skin of ginger. Add curry leaves with that then put them in mixie jar then grind it into fine paste.

Now, put pan on the stove in medium flame and let it heat for some time. Then add oil and add mustard and let the mustard to burst. Now add the ground paste, Cinamon, red chili, turmeric powder, salt required amount and stir well. After few seconds add chopped tomato and curry leaves. Then stir them well till they turn a fine paste. If we want add raw fennel seed(two pinches). Adding fennel seeds is optional. We are adding it for a nice flavor.

Finally add chicken pieces into this paste and stir till chicken pieces cook little bit. After that add 1 tumbler of water( If necessary) and cook well till it turns fine cooked fry. It should not be watery because it won’t be tasty. So, fry it till it become little bit 90% dry. You can add hot water inbetween if required.

Finally our Awesome chicken fry is ready to serve. We can have it as side dish to rice, chappati, roti, Pancake,…. The steps are very easy once we clean the chicken pieces and prepared the paste. Prepare and taste it, certainly you will enjoy the recipes and always follow this method.

Most importantly it has less cholesterol than chili chicken. in a new tab)

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