Shenga chutney

Shenga chutney is made using Peanut and few more natural ingredients. Let’s made it at home very easily and use for Idli or rice.

Here is the link for how to make Idli. And the link for how to make rice at home using cooker.

We know the benefits of peanut. It is full of nutrition and awesome to have as side dish for Idli and Rice.

Ingredients required for Shenga chutney:

*Peanut -100gram

Fried Shenga or peanut

*Cumin seeds -1/2 teaspoon

*Pepper -5 in count

*Red or green chili or both – 5 in count

*Curry leaves -1/2 handful

*Salt-required amount

*Tamarind- 10grams

Preparation of chutney:

Firstly, fry the dried peanuts till it fries completely.

Secondly, leave it for cool.

Keep it aside.

Then fry each ingredient one by one separately. If we want chutney for rice, we add tamarind. Otherwise, no need to use tamarind for making chutney for rice.

Finally add them together and ground it to fine paste by adding some water to it.

Finally, garnish with oil, mustard, chili and curry leaf. It enhance the taste of chutney.

Certainly every one likes it. And it is very nutritious.

Benefits of Peanut or Shenga:

Every person likes peanut. We know health benefits of Peanut. All rich people likes Badam, pista and cashew nut. But somebody hidden the benefits of Peanut to sale Badam or pista.

But nutrition are excellent in peanut like Badam and pista. Nowadays we could see Peanut Five Star chocolates in market. So, everyone realize the nutrition of Peanut. Peanut is cheaper when compared with Badam or Pista or cashew nut.

Peanut is rich in Protein, folic acid, Vitamin E , minerals like zinc and so on.

All of you prepare and enjoy the taste! Leave your comment!

Have a happy life! šŸ™‚

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