Sambar in instant pot

Sambar in instant pot:

Sambar is a special dish for South Indian people. Dal is rich in protein and vegetables are nutritious to health.

Let’s see ingredients and how to make Sambar in Soil pot.


  1. Dal-100g
  2. Vegetables to add in Sambar: 4 numbers of beans, 1 carat, 2 tomatoes , 1Drumstick(use either drumstick or carat).
  3. Onion(small)- 10 in count
  4. Green chilli, red chilli -3 each
  5. Garlic- 5 pieces
  6. Salt
  7. Tamarind water(thick)-50ml
  8. Curry leaves, Coriander leaves- Cut into very small pieces


1)  Add 1 teaspoon of castor oil, turmeric and 5 pieces of garlic with Dal before we start to cook. Cook the Dal till it cooks fine. Smash it well.

2) While the Dal cooks , rinse all the vegetables, onion, chilli and cut into little bit medium size pieces.

3) Put the  clay pan(Iron pan)  in stove let it heat for some moments. Now add two table spoon of ground nut oil, let it heat for some moment. Then add mustard. Let it burst fully. Then add onion, chilli and curry leaves. Let it cook till the onion turns light brown.

4) Add the tomato, Let it cook till there is no raw tomato smell. Now add all other vegetables and cook for some time.

5) Finally add smashed Dal into this vegetable and add thick tamarind water. Let it boil till it turns little bit thick.

Sambar is the first side dish for South Indian people when they take Rice. Rasam is second side dish for Rice.

Certainly, prepare the main side dish (Sambar in instant pot) and enjoy! 🙂

The following link is about how to make rasam.

Pepper rasam recipe ( using Tamarind)

Finally add curry leaves and coriander leaves into Sambar. Finally add the salt to taste and enjoy the dish.:)

We can use this as side dish to rice , idli, and Pongal.

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