Rava Upma Recipe

Rava Upma Recipe:

Upma is made instantly if we have few things in kitchen including Rava.  It is a Dish we can prepare in 10-15 minutes.

Things required for Upma-Dish:

  1.  Rava – 2 tumbler
  2. Water     – 4 tumbler (2 times of wheat rava)
  3. Salt for seasoning.

For seasoning Upma-Dish:

1. Ground nut oil -3 table spoon (Use ghee instead of ground nut oil. Don’t use any other oils)

2. Mustard -1/4 table spoon

3. Urad dal- 1/4 table spoon

4. Bengal gram- 1/4 table spoon

5.Big onion -1 (chopped)

6. Green chili -6  ( each cut into two pieces)

7. Curry leaves – small quantity cut into small pieces.

8. Coriander leaves- small quantity cut it small pieces

9. Roasted Cashew nuts -5 pieces


Preparation of  Rava Upma Recipe:

Step 1:  Put cooker in medium flame stove. When the cooker heated add ground nut oil or ghee. Later add mustard to burst then add Urad dal and Bengal gram  leave them till dal turn brown. After that add Chopped onion , Green chili and curry leaves. Fry till the onion turns brown.

Step 2 :Now, add water and leave it to boil.

Step 3: After water boils add  Rava and stir it well without clots. Now close the cooker and keep it in flame till 1  whistles of cooker. Then turn of the cooker.

Open the cooker after the pressure of cooker comes to normal.Finally add coriander leaves , crashed roasted cashew nuts and little bit Ghee. Now,  Rava Upma is ready to serve.

Rava Upma with Roasted Cashew

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