perfect summer fruit salad

perfect summer fruit salad:

Fruit salad is rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy diet. Which increases the immunity of the body.

Things required for perfect summer fruit salad:

1. Over ripe Banana – 2pieces

2. Raw sugar – 100 gram

3. Cashew nut -50 grams

4. Cardamom powder of  5 pieces

5. Dates – 50 grams

6. Dried grapes(kismis)- 10 grams

7. Apple, pomegranate, grapes-20 gram each (optional)

8. Ghee -1 table spoon

Preparation of perfect summer fruit salad:

Take banana and peal out the skin. Now, take the pealed banana and knead( make them as paste in hands).

Powder the cashew nut then add all ingredients and keep it for 1 hour.

Now, fruit salad is ready to eat. It is delicious and healthy salad.

This salad is a Divineful salad. It is famous salad in Murugan temples. Other name of this fruit salad is Panchamirtham.

Benefits of fruit salad:

1.Nourishes the Skin and keeps it Healthy and Glowing

2. Keeps Hair Healthy

3. Boosts Immunity

4.Improves Physical Strength

5.Vitalizes the Brain Functions

6.Balances PH value of skin

7.Good to have During Pregnancy. Because it improves digestion and gives nutrition.

Take 1 table spoon of this fruit salad everyday morning. 🙂 We can use this as bread jam too.

Prepare and enjoy the natural healthy sweet and leave your comment:)






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