Pal payasam seivathu eppadi:

Pal payasam seivathu eppadi is simple procedure to make pal payasam at home with few ingredients. It is prepared at home in festival season and in functions in Tamilnadu(India).

Ingredients required for Pal payasam:

  • Javarisi(Sago) -50 gram
  • Semiya -50 gram
  • Cardamom -5 pieces
  • Caschew – 10 grams
  • Jaggery -200 grams(according to requirement)
  • Kismis – 10 pieces(optional)
  • Saffron-1 pinch ( If we want star hotel like payasam we need to use this)
  • Ghee -3 table spoon
  • Boiled milk – 250 ml

Prepartion of things to make payasam:(Pal payasam seivathu eppadi:)

Take semiya and break them into little bit lengthy pieces when it is long semiya. Or you can use small length semiya which is available in market.

Put pan in low flame and let it heat for some time. Add 1 table spoon of ghee and let it heat. Then add the broken semiya and fry until it turns light brown color. Keep it aside.

Like we did for semiya, we can fry the cashew in ghee and let it cool.

Now, take Cardamom , little bit jaggery, Saffron and cashew nut. Put them in a jar and grind it into a fine powder. Keep it aside.

Preparation of Pal payasam:

Take the sago and rinse it well. Then put it in cooker and add 700 ml of water. Let it cook for 2 whistles in the cooker. Then let the pressure of cooker goes off for few minutes.

Open the cooker lid then add the rosted semiya and then add milk. If it needs more water then add cool water. This preparation should be little bit watery.

Then Put the cooker for another one whistle. Then turn off the stove. Let the pressure goes off for some moment then open the cooker.

Finally add the cashew nut, Cardamom and Saffron powder. Now pal payasam is ready to have. Here we added the powdered cashew and Saffron, so it is 5 star hotel like pal payasam. Add the remaining ghee and mix it with payasam well.

Then It is healthy and delicious. Recommend this procedure to cooks who are going for making food for festival.

Finally we got awesome pal payasam, everyone likes it. Please don’t use white sugar , always try to use raw sugar or jaggery, which is healthy and give awesome taste to the pal payasam too.

Certainly children likes it and praise you:)

So, every one prepare and enjoy this and leave your comment!:)

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