Opputtu seivathu eppadi:

Opputtu seivathu eppadi says how to make Opputtu( Indian sweet snacks) using Bengal gram.

Opputtu(Poli) made simply at home in festival season. It is healthy dish and we all like this dish once we taste it.

Things required to make Opputtu:

*Bengal gram -250 grams

Bengal gram

*Coconut – 1 (shred completely)

*Cardammom – 5 pieces

*Ghee – 50 grams

*Wheat flour – 150 grams

*Jaggery or raw sugar -200 grams (I’ve used white sugar here at the moment there was no raw sugar at my home).

Opputtu seivathu eppadi steps:

Firstly rinse the bengal gram( Chenna gram) and boil it 80%. It should not be fully boiled. Just boil it until it slightly crushes.

Boiling bengal gram

Meanwhile the bengal gram boils, shred the coconut well and fry using by adding 1 teaspoon of ghee.

While we do this bengal gram might have boiled and drain out water completely. Then heat it until small drop of water evaporates.

The boiled bengal gram to make oppittu

Now, add little bit boiled bengal gram, fried coconut, small amount of jaggery and cardammom. Then blend using mixie jar until they mix well and the gram smashes well.

Mix all ingredients with boiled bengal gram

Repeat the process until we grind all the bengal gram, coconut fry, jaggery and cardammom mixer.

Now, make the balls of ground bengal gram. Keep it aside.

Ground paste of bengal gram ready to make oppittu

Prepare the wheat flour for making opputtu. Make the wheat flour like a paste that we made for chappati.

Make them as balls.

Strech each balls like chappathi and it should be very thin.

Now, put the bengal gram balls inside the chappathi round and close well then make that ball into round shape.

Put ground bengal gram on wheat flour round

Keep them aside.

Now, put the pan on stove and on it. But put the stove in medium flame. And let it heat for sometime. Then put each round shape on it and boil it well till it turns medium brown on each side. Add ghee in between.


Finally our Opputtu is ready to serve. It is delicious snacks. Please all of you prepare and serve to your family members and guests to make them happy. They certainly feel they have tasted excellent Indian dish and praise you. And instead of buying at shop, make them at home to have excellent taste and delicious.


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