Milk soap

Milk soap is made using Milk and few other essential rose oil, carrot oil, beetroot oil, tomato oil and grapes oil.

Here is the link about how to make essential oils.

We know the benefits of milk. It has lot of essential nutrients to remove dirt cells from skin and gives excellent texture to skin.

Ingredients required to make soap:

*Milk-250ml (chilled as milk ice cubes)

*Caustic soda -100grams(I’ve used 50 to 75 grams in my video)

*Rose oil -200ml

*Beetroot oil -100ml

*Carrot oil-100ml

*Tomato oil -100ml

*Grapes oil -100ml

*Vetiver powder -1 teaspoon

*Aavarampoo powder -1 teaspoon

Preparation of Milk soap:

Firstly put the milk ice cubes into a silver vessel. And then break the milk ice cubes into small pieces.

Secondly add caustic soda to milk ice cubes. Then mix them well until the caustic soda dissolved into chilled milk completely. No heat produced when we add chilled milk and caustic soda.

Once the caustic soda dissolved completely , add all the oils one by one and stir the mixer well.

Stir until the mixer becomes semisolid state.

Important note:

While we stir, the oil should not be separated little bit from the mixer. If it reaches this state, the soap won’t set properly. So, we need to put it in freezer for 2 hours to make it solid. Then it will maintain the solid state.

Then pour the mixer into molds whichever you want. Before we pour the mixer, apply any oil inside the mold then only we will take the soap out once it reaches solid state.

It would take 24 hours to set. After 24 hours, take out soaps from the mold and keep it in the open air container for 30 to 45 days.

Then use it. It gives awesome result to your skin.

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