Kuzhi paniyaram:

Kuzhi paniyaram is famous in India and South East countries. It is made using Idli flour with adding some seasoning to make it delicious.

Ingredients required to make Kuzhi paniyaram:

. Idli flour 500 ml

http://www.lsnhealthytips.com/idli-indian-dish/(opens in a new tab)

. Big onion 2 chopped well into small pieces

. Green chili 5 pieces and chopped into small pieces

.Curry leaves 1 handful , coriander leaves 1 handful (Cut into small pieces)

.Groundnut oil 50 gram

. Mustard 1/2 teaspoon

. Salt required amount

Seasoning the Idli flour:

Put pan in the medium flame stove. Put oil and let it heat. Add mustard then let it burst. After that add chopped onion, chili and curry leaves, coriander leaves.

Let them fry until onion turns light brown. Add this to Idli flour. Now, flour is ready to make Kuzhi paniyaram.

Now, put Paniyaram making pan on medium flame on stove. Let it heat for some time then put ghee on each Kuzhi(Semi sphere shaped parts) then pour the Paniyaram flour in each kuzhi till it fills. Then leave it for some time to cook.

When it turns light brown, turn it to other side and leave it turn light brown. Do this until it cooks well. We need to make paniyaram in medium flame.

Now, have it with coconut chutney, puthina chutney and tomato chutney.

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