Kambu satham

Kambu satham is made using pearl millet. It is excellent to have as morning breakfast.

. Kambu -1 cup

. water -3 cups

.Gingelly oil- 1 teaspoon

. Salt – little bit

Ratio of water to Kambu is 3:1.

Fistly buy husk and stone free Kambu kurunai ( broken into small pieces kambu) from departmental store. Or prepare kambu kurunai at home.

Preparation of Kambu kurunai:

Firstly take 1/2kg of Kambu(pearl millet) and rinse it well. Soak it in water for 10-12hours. After that put it in white cotton cloth and knot it. Keep it for another 15-20hours to get sprouted.

After 15-20 hours, take the millet and dry under sun light till it dries well. Most importantly, make it as half powdered form using mixie jar. Now our kambu kurunai is ready to use.

If don’t want sprouted Kambu kurunai, just dry the kambu after rinse well. Then grind it into half powder.

There are two ways to cook Kambu satham

. Traditional way using pot

. Modern way using cooker

I like to prepare using traditional way but due to time restriction not able to make using pot.

Here, I tell you how to cook Kambu satham using cooker. Put the cooker in medium flame then add the water, 1 teaspoon of gingelly oil and little bit salt. Then let the water to boil.

When water boils, bring the stove to low flame and add the kambu kurunai and stir them well without any clot. Now, stir for 1-2 minutes and put the lid. Put the weight of the cooker too.

Let it cook for 3 whistle. Turn of the stove. Then leave it until the pressure of the cooker goes off naturally.

Finally, Kambu satham is ready to have with side dishes like curd or sambar or Chutney or butter milk.

Curd works better for this.

Prepare it and taste then leave your comments!:)

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