how to make ghee from butter at home

how to make ghee from butter at home:

Every one has mixie at their home. It helps us to make butter easily at home.

Things required for making butter:

1. Skim of curdĀ  or curd

Collect Skim of curd every day for 1 week and store them in refrigerator. Or use curd.

Preparation of butter at home:

Take away the stored skim of curd from refrigerator. If you use curd keep the curd in refrigerator for 2 hours before start to make butter. Put cooled skim of curd (or curd) in the juice making jar of Mixie. Beat it in the speed 1 for some moment.

You can see the separation of butter and butter milk while beating. Off the Mixie for 10 seconds while beating in between. Then only butter and butter milk will separated easily.

When they separated completely pour into a bowl like vessel. Then rotate the vessel till the butter turns to a round shape. Now, take off the butter from butter milk.

Butter and butter milk are ready to use:)

Things required to make ghee from butter at home:

1. Butter that we made

2. Drum stick leaves

Now, take out the butter and heat it in a pan in medium flame till we get the ghee. When 3/4 of the ghee separated from add some drumstick leaves(optional).

Leave it until the drum stick leaves fry in the ghee. This would enhance the taste of ghee. Add ghee with sambar or to make dosa(roast).

Ghee gives awesome taste to dal sambar. And it contains fat. So it helps in improving immunity to the body.

So, children like the ghee+Sambar rice well. And it gives awesome smell to the rice.

Therefore, everyone make ghee at home and enjoy it’s taste then leave your comments! šŸ™‚ Have happy life!:)

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