We have recipe halwa made in Wheat, carrot, and so on. But out of them this is made using Sago.

It is excellent recipe served in marriage functions. It is very easy to make but needs patience. Children like it very much. Here, we are going to use raw sugar so, no need to add color powder( I really never recommend to use color powder because I started this website to share recipes using only natural ingredients).

Ingredients required:

1. Sago -100 grams

2. Raw sugar -200 grams

3. Cashew nut -25 grams(powder 15grams of cashew nut). Fry the remaining cashew nut with ghee.

4. Ghee -300 grams

Making Sago dough:

Soak Sago in water for 1 day. Good sago needs atleast 24 hours to soak well. After soaking perfectly grind it as fine paste. It will take around 1 hour to grind properly without sago pieces in the paste.

Now, sago dough is ready to prepare halwa.

Steps in preparation:

With the Sago dough, raw sugar and powdered cashew nut in a soil pan. Now,mix them well. When we mix them, it should be like a 3/4 of solid state.

Put this mixer of soil pan in low flame of stove. And still it well and let it cook  until we get halwa state.

Add ghee when it cooks  little by little.

Once it the mixer becomes halwa state, add the cashew nut in halwa and switch off the stove. Now, pour a bit of ghee on a plate and spread it. Finally pour halwa in the plate and let it cool.

Now, Halwa is ready to serve. It is delicious in taste and healthy too because we used only natural ingredients.

This is excellent home made sweet. So, everyone try and give to your child and taste. Leave your comments!

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