Hair oil for hair growth

Hair oil, hair oil for hair growth.

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Hair oil prepared using nine types of oils and with more than 16 greens.

This oil is not much thick and easy to use and does not flow on your forehead. Because preparation of this oil is little bit different than the others do.

Let’s see the ingredients used to make the hair oil for hair growth.


Oils used which are 100% pure

1.Coconut oil

2.Sesame oil

3. Castor oil( made using castor seeds)

4. Vitamin E oil

5. Badam oil

6. Olive oil

7. Moringa seed oil

8. And few more oils

The greens used are:

  1. Maruthani(Henna)
  2. Bringaraj
  3. Tulasi
  4. Curry leaves
  5. Avuri leaves(which are green leaves available at farm)
  6. Hibiscus leaves
  7. Hibiscus flowers
  8. Amla, and more greens nearly 16 are used.


Mainly we are preparing the hair growth oil using these 16 greens(from farm) and more than 9 types of oil which are nutritious for hair growth and treating premature hair.

Please remember, oil is prepared using sun dried nuts. None are purchased outside except olive oil.

This oil is made using Farm Fresh leaves and nuts(Some are bought outside). This is made naturally using iron pan. So this oil is extra nutritious to your hair and scalp.

This will cool your body with greens smell. You will like it.

How to use:

Firstly you can use this oil for daily application. Apply the oil using finger tips over your scalp and massage it for better result.

And if you want to take oil bath, heat the oil to luke warm then apply all over the scalp and hair completely and soak for some time(1 hour). Most importantly, don’t use it for face(skin) because we have added Avuri petals to make oil so, it will change your skin color.

Then do hair wash using our hair wash powder for excellent hair growth and treat premature hair.

Contact us:

We have oil stock in our hand.

If you want you can purchase in 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and more.

250ml costs Rs.350.

Please contact us by leaving comment here. We are happy to approach you.:)

The final product:

Hair oil

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