Ghee dosa with masala

Ghee Dosa with Masala :

Ghee Dosa with Masala is a Dosa recipe for breakfast and  dinner contains natural green leaves that gives extraordinary health benefits.

Things required for Dosa with masala:

  1. Dosa flour which we prepared for making dosa.
  2. Ghee -100g
  3. Masala- we need to prepare it. All we need are green leaves which available in garden.      i) Solanum trilobatum, also called as thoothuvalai(in Tamil)  ii)Anacyclus Prethrum also called as Musumusukai(in tamil) iii)Curry leaves  iv)Mint (Pudina) V)Cumin seeds with pepper (1 table spoon). Grind all items in Masala  finely as semiliquid.

Preparation of Masala flour:

Add  250grams of Dosa flour with 50grams of Masala. Lastly add salt to taste.

Preparation of Ghee Masala Dosa:

Firstly put pan(Soil Pan) in medium flame stove. Pour our Dosa flour in hot Pan like how do we make Dosa in pan and add ghee instead of oil. Ghee Masala Dosa would be very delicious pancake to taste. Ghee Masala Dosa has additional health benfits.

Benefits of green leaves  in ingredients are:

  1. Thoothuvalai is widely used in the treatment of  tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, difficulty in breathing, sinus, chest congestion and other respiratory problems. Thoothuvalai with its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-microbial activity helps asthma patients with a fresh breath of life.
  2. Curry leaves are also said to be good sources of iron and calcium.
  3. Musumusukkai is a time tested, traditional remedy, considered very effective in treating constipation, gas problems, anxiety, biliousness (pitta), dyspepsia, Lack of appetite, hyper acidity, toothache, Ashthma, dry cough, hypertension  and diabetes. It has a calming effect and a good expectorant.

Enjoy the Masala Dosa with coconut chutney.

Enjoy the healthy dish:) Certainly, the children and all age group people like this dish. Most importantly this is the main dish in the morning and evening in South India!

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