Flower garlands

Flower garlands is about to tell how to string dhalia petals and artificial roses to adorn our hair in festival season.

Things required for string Flower garlands-1:

  1. Dhalia flower petals or Big Rose petals
  2. Golden thread
  3. Artificial small roses.

Please remember how the elegant look is our dahlia flowers. Every one certainly fond of it’s beauty. But it’s smell is not that good. But it is okay. But beauty of dhalia flower enchants every one’s mind.

I’m adding the image of dahlia flowers here.

Dahlia flowers

Here we use either dahlia petals or rose petals to make garland.

I’ll show the image of roses that could be used for making garland.

Rose flowers

Benefits of flowers:

Smelling flower scents puts us in a good mood and make us feel less anxious. For instance, the sweet and fragrant jasmine is well known for its ability to calm and help with depression. Lavender and rose can also help depression along with insomnia and anxiety. The smell of Jasmine brings calm and also helps with sleep.

How to make flower garland:

Remove petals of Dahlia or Rose.

Take one petal and put small artificial rose inside it and fold like in the figure.

Now, tie the petals folded with roses with golden thread( to prepare this, you must be familiar with how to string flowers by hand).

Repeat the first and second step until the length of flower garland you need for your hair.

I’ll post some more elegant floral strings in my other posts.

http://www.lsnhealthytips.com/wheat-halwa-recipe/(opens in a new tab)

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