Flavored Yogurt

Flavored Yogurt:

Flavored Yogurt is made using milk by fermenting it by yogurt culture. Let’s make yogurt at home with all natural ingredients of different flavored yogurt. We all know the benefits of yogurt.

Benefits of Yogurt for all season especially for summer:

. Calcium gives strong bone and strong teeth.

. Protein helps to build and repair the muscles.

. Vitamins and minerals helps in functioning of the body.

. linoleic acid stimulates the immune system

.Good bacteria improves digestion. But we need to use fresh bacteria culture.

Ingredients required to make Yogurt:

. Milk -100 ml (Boil well till it becomes 75ml)

. Flavors like Rose, watermelon, strawberry -1 teaspoon.

.Yogurt -1/4 table spoon.

Preparation of flavors:

i) preparing Rose:

Firstly buy or pluck pink rose from garden(It should not be hybrid rose) and grind them using mixie with adding(1 teaspoon) little bit of milk. This paste is the flavor for our yogurt.

And we need to use it within 10 minutes to get better result.

ii) Preparing water melon:

Take small piece of watermelon. Grind it well without adding water. Keep it aside. And we need to use it within 10 minutes.

iii) Preparing strawberry flavor:

Take 4 medium size strawberries and beat it well without adding water and filter out the residual using sieve. Keep it aside.

Preparation of milk:

Firstly take 500 ml of milk. Boil it well till it becomes 300ml or 250ml. L it until little bit more heat than lukewarm. Because when we add the flavors, they are cool so, to make the warm perfect for developing bacteria culture.

Secondly take warm milk and add the flavor whichever you want and add honey to it. After adding the flavor and honey to the milk. But milk should be lukewarm.

Now, take 1/8 table spoon of yogurt and mix it well. Then add to the flavored lukewarm milk. And stir with a teaspoon.

Keep this milk undisturbed during it becomes solid yogurt. It would take 7-10hours. After it becomes solid, keep it in Refrigerator and get cool. Finally we get awesome yogurt. Then eat excellent awesome and natural yogurt.

Moms please make yogurt at home and give to your children. So they will certainly love it and eat it.

Most importantly we are not adding any chemical here.

The below is the link for healthy summer drinks. Certainly you can try them. So, you can reduce the body heat due to summer.

Therefore, all these recipes makes us healthy and brisk.:)


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