Crispy corn fry:

Crispy corn fry is a evening snacks made at home for all age groups. It is healthy snacks for children and delicious.

Things required to make Crispy corn fry:

*Corn -250 grams

*chili powder-1/2 table spoon

*Coriander powder -1/4 table spoon

*Salt -required amount

*Curry leaves- 10 leaves( Cut them into small pieces)

*Turmeric powder -1 pinch

*Ghee or olive oil -1 table spoon

*Garlic and ginger paste -1/2 table spoon

*Coriander leaves- 1/4 handful (Cut into small pieces)

*Lemon juice -1 table spoon

Preparation of Crispy corn:

Firstly remove the corns from corncob. Rinse it well and keep it aside.

Put pan in stove and let it heat for some time. Then add oil/ghee and let it heat.

Then add garlic and ginger paste and fry it until it turns medium brown.

After it turns medium brown add the corn and fry for 10 seconds. Then add turmeric, coriander powder, Chili powder and Salt. Let it fry for 1 minute.

Then add required amount of water to boil the corn as smooth. That’s water should be enough to the boil the corn to smooth and fry it until all waters goes off.

Finally when all water goes off add the coriander leaves and lemon juice mix them well. And then serve as evening snacks.

If we want add small pieces of onion with this snacks which would give us excellent taste and awesome in taste.

This is alternate for buying filthy and dirty snacks from market. I think every one knows about the market available snacks and how they prepare with chemicals. So, please spend some time to prepare healthy snacks and enjoy with your family. Have awesome life:)

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