Coffee powder-Natural ingredients

Coffee powder-Natural ingredients:

Coffee powder-Natural ingredients is made using few natural Indian spices which improves immunity and improves the hormone imbalance problem. It is tasty and healthy substitute for Coffee drink.

Ingredients needed:

  1. Coriander -50 gram
  2. Cardamom-10 pieces
  3. Pepper -4-5 pieces
  4. Long peper-3 pieces

Preparation of Coffee powder-Natural ingredients:

Firstly, fry all the ingredients separately. So, take the coriander and fry medium brown color. But, we should not fry them to dark brown. And all other ingredients for light brown color without adding any oil. Just fry all in dry pan.

Let it cool for some time. Then grind them using mixie jar. Now natural healthy coffee powder is ready.

Preparation of coffee:

Firstly, take two tumbler of water and boil it and add 1 table spoon of Coffee powder-Natural ingredients. But boil it till it becomes 1 and a half tumbler of water.

We can add this powder in milk and boil it well. Drain out the milk from it and add sugar and have it. It would also be delicious.

After drain out the water content. The water part is the coffee. Add raw sugar or palm jaggery with it and sip a bit by bit for excellent taste. It is a mild medicine for feverish sensation.

Certainly, this is good to take all the time in day. So, it has extraordinary benefits to health like controlling the dry cough, running nose, sensation like feverish and so on.

Most importantly, this coffee is excellent substitute for coffee power we use every day. Prepare and enjoy good health:)

Certainly every one like this coffee. šŸ™‚

In other words, I would like to say about the benefits of this coffee. In village side if anybody stuck with fever, they used to take this coffee without adding milk and eat bread by dipping into this coffee. So, it removes all bad bacteria from bowl.

Most importantly, many does not know this or forget about this.

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