coconut ladoo recipe:

coconut ladoo recipe is a simple and easily made at home in all time as snacks.

Ingredients required for coconut ladoo recipe:

*Coconut -half(shread it)

*Raw sugar -100 gram

*Cashew nut and cardamom – 5 pieces each.

Fry the cashew with ghee till it turns light brown. And add it with cardamom and make it powder.

*Kismis -10 pieces

Fry it well with ghee.

*Ghee- 1 teaspoon

*Milk -20-50ml

Preparation of coconut ladoo

Firstly fry the grated coconut by adding ghee to it till it turns light brown.

Fry the grated coconut with ghee.

Keep it aside. We need to prepare this with low flame.

Secondly put a pan in low flame stove.Add sugar and little bit(20ml) milk to it and then boil it until it turns little bit thick. In addition to that add cardamom and cashew powders while this sugar syrup boils.

Meanwhile fry cashew as kismis in another pan till they turn light brown.

Fry cashew and kismis in ghee.
Add cardamom and cashew powder in the sugar syrup.

During the sugar syrup becomes thick add the fried coconut little by little.

Adding coconut with sugar syrup
Mix the all grated coconut with sugar syrup.

Once adding all the coconut add the ghee and then turn of the stove.

Put this coconut ladoo mix into a plate and keep it for 1/2an hour to get cooled and the coconut soak in sugar syrup well.

After 1/2 an hour take it and make it as balls.

Coconut ladoo

Now our coconut ladoo is ready to serve. It is awesome in taste.

We know the benefits of coconut. The coconut milk is almost same as mothers milk. It has extraordinary nutrition. Certainly it is also called as super food.

Therefore, it is unique combination of fatty acids can have positive effects on your health.

Certainly coconut helps fat loss, better brain function and various other impressive benefits. But take some quantity of coconut or coconut products each day.

Prepare certainly the coconut ladoo and taste it. Then leave your comments!

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