Coconut curry

Coconut curry:

Coconut curry is made using tender coconut and few more seasoning ingredients. It is delicious and tasty to eat. To avoid purchase of market available snacks, we can prepare some like this and enjoy healthy life.

Ingredients required for curry:

  1. Tender coconut – 1 cup

Tender coconut is rarely available in market. You can buy half matured tender coconut from the farmers.

Peal the skin and break the coconut. There will be tender coconut is inside the shell.

Gather them and keep it in a cup.

Things required for seasoning:

  1. Ground nut oil-1 teaspoon
  2. Mustard -1/8th table spoon
  3. Onion big-1 chopped
  4. Green chili or red chili- 4 (cut each into two pieces)
  5. Turmeric powder -1/4 table spoon
  6. Curry leaves – 1/4th handful
  7. salt – required amount
  8. Coriander leaves -1/4th handful(cut into small pieces)
  9. Curry masala powder -1 table spoon

Preparation of tender Coconut curry:

  1. Firstly put pan in medium flame and let it heat for some time.
  2. And add oil and heat it for sometime
  3. Add mustard and let it burst
  4. In addition, add onion, chili, curry leaves and coriander leaves then fry until the onion turns medium brown.
  5. Now, put the cut tender coconut into this and fry for sometime and add turmeric powder, salt and curry powder.
  6. Add little bit water if you want.
  7. Let us fry until it becomes little bit dry state.

Now, coconut curry is ready for evening snacks. It is healthy and nutritious snacks to have in the evening in all season. It is more delicious in the evening of rainy season.

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