Chili potato

Chili potato is like cauliflower chili, chili chicken,… It is made using potato plus some tasty ingredients.

My main purpose is to make chili without using any artificial ingredients and make the chili colorful and delicious.

So, please be little bit careful in making chili paste.

Things required for chili powder:

*Red Chili-5

*Fennel seeds-1/2 teaspoon

*cloves -3pieces

*cinnamon-1/2 inch

*Gram flour- 4 teaspoon

*Potato -2 medium size

*Ground nut oil -1/2 liter to fry

Firstly, take all these ingredients except gram flour, dry them in sunlight.

Once they dried, add all the ingredients and grind them into a fine powder.

Now, our chili powder is ready to use.

Preparation of chili paste:

Firstly, take tomato and remove seeds and hard part from top of the tomato. Then grind it into a fine paste.

Secondly mix this paste with chili powder. The preparation should not be watery. It should be like semisolid to apply on potato.

Preparation of potato to make chili:

Firstly take potatoes and rinse them well. Peel the skin of potato, if you don’t peel then it does not a matter.

After peel out the skin of potato, slice them vertically into small rectangular pieces.

Secondly, mix the potato slices with chili paste and dry them for 10-15 minutes. Now, our potato pieces are ready to fry.

Preparation of potato chili:

Firstly, put pan on stove. Let stove in medium flame. Add oil to it. And heat it for some time till it heats for nearly 70degree C.

Secondly put bunch of potato slices mixed with chili paste. Fry them until it turns medium brown.

Keep it aside. Repeat the process until fry all.

Finally our chili potato is ready to serve.

You will wonder the color of chili we made. Natural red color comes because of tomato paste that we added.

So, every mom prepare it and give it to your children as evening snacks.

Like so, Hotel runners or road side hotel keepers can use this method to reduce the cost and increase the taste. It won’t upset stomach of your customers. So, they will like your shop certainly. Most importantly they will turn as your regular customers.

All the best! Have a happy life:)

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