Chicken Biryani recipe

Chicken Biryani recipe:

Chicken Biryani recipe is a festival or special occasional recipe made at home when we have guest.

 Ingredients needed for Chicken Biryani recipe:

   1. Seeraga Samba rice(raw rice) -4 tumbler(1 kg)

   2. Chicken(Nattu chicken)-3/4 -1 kg

 Things needed for seasoning:

    1.Ground nut oil -100 ml

    2. Ghee -100ml

    3.Ginger -125 gram(Pealed and grind into fine paste)

   4.Garlic -125 gram(Remove the skin of ginger and grind into fine paste)

   5. Tomato-150 grams(finely chopped)

   6. Coriander leaves- 1 handful (Cut into very small pieces)

   7.Mint leaves(pudina leaves)-1 handful(Cut into very small pieces)

   8.Curry leaves – little bit (cut into small pieces)

   9. Big onion -200 grams (Cleaned and cut into slices)

   10. Green chili- 7 (Cut into four pieces)

   11. Red chili powder -2 table spoon

   12. Turmeric powder -1 tea spoon

   13. Cinnamon- 10gram

   14. Cloves -5 gram

   15.Cardamom-2.5 gram

    16. Cashew nut-100 grams ( break into pieces or powder)

    17. Salt -required amount

    18. 2 cups of curd.

    19. Water- The ratio of water to rice is 1.5:1. So, take 6 tumbler of water.

Preparation of Chicken Biryani powder:

    Take Cinnamon , cloves and cardamom. Heat them in low flame and let it be cool for some time. Powder them finely. Now Briyani powder is ready.

Work done before start cooking:

    Soak Seeraga Samba rice in water Separately when we start to cook.

    As well as add curd, pinch of salt and chicken. Mix them well. And keep them aside in a separate pan. This increases the taste of Briyani.

Preparation of Chicken Biryani recipe:

    Put cooker in medium flame and let it heat for some time. Then add the ground nut oil and ghee. Let it heat for some time.

    Add the onion, salt into the oil and fry till it turns medium brown. Then add the green chili, garlic and ginger paste. Let it fry till the raw smell of garlic goes off.

    After garlic and ginger paste fried till well add 1 teaspoon of briyani powder. If you are not able to make biryani powder (use 1 inch cinnamon, 4 cloves, 4 cardamam without powdering them).

     While adding the biryani powder add the coriander leaves, curry leaves, mint leaves and tomato pieces. Fry them till the tomato cooks well.

     After tomato cooked well add Chicken pieces soaked in curd and boil it turns soft without adding water is good and gives excellent taste. For this put flame in low and cover the cooker using lid and put the pressure weight. We have to be very careful and alert while it cooks.

     It would take 10-15 minutes to cook for Nattu chicken.

     Let the pressure goes off naturally. Finally add the Seeraga Samba rice and add water. Mix them well and see the taste of salt. Add the required amount of salt.

     According to the requirement add salt and put the lid and cook. Put the medium flame. Then let it cook till 1 whistle. After 1 whistle of cooker, put the flame in low. Keep it for 2-3 minutes.

    One simple way to check whether it cooked or not is sprinkle some water in bottom of the cooker. If the sprinkled water goes off very quickly means, turn off the stove. Otherwise keep for some time. After some time repeat sprinkling little bit water in bottom of cooker, if it goes off quickly then turn of the stove.

     Finally the tasty, spicy and healthy LSN Biryani is ready to taste.

Side dish to Biryani:

      1.Big onion -5 Cut into slices

      2.Curd -3-4 cups

      3. Coriander leaves -small quantity(cut into small pieces)

Take the sliced big onion pieces and rinse with salt water. Then mix it with curd. Finally add the coriander leaves then mix them well.

Side dish is ready for biryani.

Prepare and taste it! Leave your comments!:)

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