Cauliflower chili

Cauliflower Chilli:

We have bought Cauliflower chilli which is available outside. But this is the Cauliflower chilli made at home with natural ingredients with excellent red color and taste.:)  Cauliflower chilli is one of the most famous festival like marriage dish. So, Please have note of this chilli made with natural ingredients. And serve people for their better health.

Things required:

  1. Cauliflower sliced and well cleaned with salt+turmeric water-500 gram
  2. gram flour -50gram
  3. chilli powder which is grind at home -10gram
  4. salt
  5. Tomato juice- 100gram. To make tomato juice, remove the seeds from tomato and then make it as a pulp without adding water using mixie.
  6. Ground nut oil to make


  1. Add gram flour, chilli powder and salt. Now using tomato juice make them as a paste.
  2. Doub each piece of cauliflower with the paste we prepared or add the paste with sliced cauliflower with hand till both mix completely.
  3. Now, in a pan heat the oil and put some pieces of the cauliflower to fry.

I found combination of powders that would give excellent color like market available chilli and unbelievable taste. If I make it as evening snack my son won’t leave any remainder for me and it is easily digestible too. I never use market available things to cook. I use 95% of the  time with natural things. I’m doing my research in food to eliminate artificial things completely.


Now, cauliflower chilli is ready to serve. It looks like red in color and very tasty with all natural ingredients.



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