Cashew nut sweet recipe

Cashew nut sweet recipe:

Cashew nut sweet recipe is the process to make the sweet recipe made at home using cashew, ghee, sugar and butter. This is excellent in taste and healthy to have.

This recipe is made at home with simple steps and avoid buying at shops with high cost.

Ingredients required for Cashew nut sweet recipe:

1.Cashew nut -1kg

2. Sugar/ jaggery – 4kg ( I recommend to use Jaggery)

3.Butter -250 grams

4. Ghee -1 liter

Preparation of Cashew nut to make sweet:

Firstly soak 1kg of cashew nut in water for 5-6 hours. Then clean it by removing the black skin over it. After that grind the cashew into fine paste by adding some water. Keep it aside.

Preparation of Cashew nut sweet recipe:

Take a little bit big vessel which must have thick bottom. Then add the Jaggery and Cashew paste. Leave it for some moment to mix the cashew paste and jaggery well then it should become little bit watery.

Put this vessal in medium flame for 5 minutes and stir the paste continuously. But make the flame to LOW. In addition stir the paste and add little bit butter often(in 5 times). Then add the ghee in 100 ml each time.

Stir the paste continuously and it becomes a little bit greazy solid state. Then stir well continuously till it becomes the required state.

While we do this process, take 2-3 plates which should be medium size. Then daub ghee over the cleaned plates.

Once the paste becomes the right stage, bring down the vessel from stove. Then pour in each plate that we daub with ghee. Then let it cool for some time.

Once it cooled for some time, we can make them into pieces.

Now, our delicious cashew nut sweet cake is ready to serve. In this way the catering service people make and serve for big functions.

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