besan ladoo recipe:

besan ladoo recipe is made using Bengal gram flour and it is made in special occasions like Diwali, Pongal and all other auspicious occasion. It is last for 15 days from the day of preparation. So, it is made before auspicious occasions. And used for all days and festival days too.

Things required for Besan ladoo recipe:

*Gram flour -1/2kg

*Raw sugar or jaggery – 1 kg

*Cardamom- 10 pieces

*Cashew nut -100 grams

*Dried graphs -50 grams

*Cloves -10grams

*Milk -1 liter.

*Ground nut oil or ghee -1 liter

Preparation of Bengal gram for making Boondi:

Firstly we need to make Besan ladoo is making boondi. To make boondi, we need to prepare the Bengal gram flour.

Take Bengal gram flour and add milk to it and mix them well till it is semi liquid state.

Milk and gram flour added to milk
Need to make the gram flour and milk mixed paste like this.

Now, it is ready for making Boondi.

Secondly a pan and on the stove but it should be medium flame. And let it heat for some time.

Add the ground nut oil or Ghee and let it heat for some time in medium flame. During the oil heats fry cashew , kismis(dried grapes) and cloves and keep it aside.

Oil to make Boondi

We need Boondi vessal to prepare Boondi.

This is Boondi making vessal.

Now take 1 table spoon of gram flour semi liquid into the boondi making plate. And Scrub the gram flour semi liquid into the boiling oil.

Keep the flame as medium while preparing boondi. Let it boil for some time and collect them into another vessal.

Repeat the process until all gram flour semi liquid goes over.

Making boondi in oil.

Now, our Boondi is ready.

Keep it aside.

Put pan in another stove and add remaining milk and the jaggery or raw sugar.

Making jaggery liquid to add with Boondi. Here it is whitesugar. Please use raw sugar or jaggery.

Heat them until the pebbles for some time. Then drain it with drainer and add to the boondi.

Make Cardamon, cashews powder by adding some sugar to it.

Mixe the cardamom , cashew powder, kismis and cloves in addition to boondi and leave it for 1/2 an hour.

Cardamompowder, cashew powder, kismis and ghee added to Boondi

Now, the boondi nicely merged into this Jaggery syrup. Now, mix them well once again.

If we keep as it is it is called boondi. If we make them as small balls then it is called laddu.

Finally tasty besan ladoo is ready to serve. It is nice and healthy and long keeping sweet.

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