Beetroot essential oil

Beetroot essential oil is made using Beetroot(vegetable) and coconut oil. This oil works as wonderful for skin and hair. I prepared it to make beauty soap at home.

This oil do wonders on skin to remove dead cells. It promotes brightness of skin. Removes all dirt from skin and enhance the brightness of the skin.

External application on skin may prevent skin cancer and it is good source of potassium.

Things required to make Beetroot essential oil:


*Coconut oil-100ml


Preparation of Beetroot juice:

Firstly take and rinse the beet root and grate it.

Secondly grind the beet root by adding 25ml water.

Then squeeze the juice using white cotton cloth.

Preparation of essential oil:

Firstly put pan on the stove. But the stove should be in medium flame.

Secondly add 200ml of water in the pan. Let it boil for some time. Then add squeezed beetroot juice into boiling water.

Now, let it boil till it becomes 50ml.

Once it becomes 50ml, add the 100ml coconut oil. Let it boil till all the water part goes off.

Beetroot juice is boiling with coconut oil

Finally our Beetroot essential oil is ready to use.

I’m using it for skin massage. Sometimes use little bit amount to massage my hair.

It is wonderful oil. And I’m using it for making beauty soap at home. It enhance the brightness of skin.

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