Banana smoothie

Banana smoothie

Banana smoothie is sweet smoothie using banana , protein rich yogurt and few more ingredients.

Things required for smoothie:

*Banana-1 (ripe )

*Yogurt -50ml

*Date fruit -4 pieces(Rinse well and soak in water for 5 hours)

*None diary milk-10grams

Banana, yogurt, dates

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What is none diary milk?

The milk is made using nuts like cashew, badam, pista and coconut is called non diary milk.

We know the extraordinary benefits of these nuts, they are rich in all vitamins, minerals and folic acid.

Ripe banana:

When plantain ripe, which becomes banana. The plantain has it’s own benefits, when it ripe it’s benefit increases few folds of plantain.

Most of the ripe banana will be in Orange+Yellow color. Some kind of banana would be green in color.

Preparation of smoothie:

Firstly put all ingredients into the blender and grind it into find semi liquid form.

Now serve it as snacks or breakfast or lunch or dinner.

Most certainly this smoothie is a base for varieties of smoothies. You can add fruits to make it more fruity smoothie.

You can add nuts to make it as nutty smoothie.

We can add berries to make berry smoothie.

Add cucumber seeds, pumpkin seeds to make them as more protein rich smoothie.

Certainly when we flavor the smoothie with different fruits or nuts or seeds, it would enrich the nutrition and keeps stomach full for long time and gives all necessary nutrition to our body.

I’ll post next article about to make banana gheer and banana milk shake.

Banana smoothie

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