Banana milkshake

Banana milkshake recipe

Banana milkshake recipe is evening snacks or drinks to welcome guests and healthy to have every day.

Firstly let’s see about benefits of banana and coconut before we get into the recipe.

Benefits of banana:

There are variety of banana available in the market. Some ripe banana is in orange+yellow color. Some type of ripe banana still in green color. So, it does not a matter which banana we eat. But it matters we eat organic banana or not. So, always try to buy organic things for healthy life.

Banana is a rich in nutrition, less cost fruit and easily available in fruit. It is rich in glucose, sucrose and fructose. These are energy giving factors. So, give one banana each day to your children to have nice carbs for the complete day.

Banana is good source of fiber. Please see when banana is unripe, it is little bit hard. When it becomes ripen it becomes soft. So, ripe banana helps us the bowl movement and flush out all toxins from bowl.

Also it contains potassium, Vitamin B6 , Vitamin C, ….

Potassium helps us to maintain blood pressure.

Benefits of Coconut:

All of us know main benefits of coconut. Like it has nutrition like mother’s milk. When you eat every day 1/2 coconut alone for breakfast/lunch/dinner, you will get nice skin and awesome hair growth.

Your age becomes 10 years less when you eat continuously as one time food each day.

Coconut has high amount of saturated fats(good fats), high in fiber, anti-aging properties, BOOST IMMUNITY, treats abdominal fats, and so on.

Now, let’s see about how to prepare banana coconut milkshake.

Things required:

*Banana- 1(ripe)

*coconut milk- 50ml(thick coconut milk)

*Cardamom powder-1 pinch

*Date fruit -2 piece for sweetness

*Honey-1 or 2 teaspoon instead of dates.

The perfect Honey available in

Preparation of Banana milkshake:

Banana, dates, honey, coconut

Firstly grate the coconut and blend it well. Then squeeze out the milk with a white cotton cloth.

Secondly rinse the date fruit and put all ingredients into blender and blend it well.

Out milkshake is ready to serve.

Banana milkshake
Banana milkshake

This is healthy and easy to prepare. All children like this sweet milkshake.

So, every mom prepare it as evening snack and give it to your children to keep the immunity. When immunity is good, they never get any sick. So, children’s health is in hands of mothers.

Prepare it and enjoy the milkshake and share your comments!:)

Here is the link for banana smoothie

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