Badusha sweet:

Badusha sweet recipe is made using wheat flour. It is delicious sweet and made in festival season and auspicious occasions.

Here too we use jaggery or raw sugar to make sugar syrup. Enjoy the dark badusha and taste it will little bite + Saliva.

Things required for Badusha sweet:

*Wheat flour – 200 gram

*Butter – 100 gram

*curd -50ml

*Jaggery or raw sugar -1/2kg

*Milk – 200ml

*Cardamom powder -1/4 teaspoon

*Ground nut oil -1/2 litre

Preparation of Badusha dough:

Steps to be followed in preparing Badusha.

1. Preparation of flour balls.

Sieve the wheat flour and keep it aside.

Put Butter and beat it well. Then add curd to it and beat well using blender.

We are adding butter and curd to make the Badusha very very soft.

Now add wheat flour and mix them well. Mix them until the dough become soft.

Make the dough into medium size balls. And then flatten them little bit. Keep them aside.

2. Preparation of sugar syrup:

Add jaggery with milk and mix them well in a pan. Then heat it in low flame and let it boil till it becomes hand sticky.

3. Preparation of Badusha:

While you prepare sugar syrup put another pan in another stove in medium flame and add oil. Let the oil heat for sometime.

After oil heats well put the flatten dough balls into oil and boil them well until they turns medium brown.

Now our badusha without sugar syrup is ready. Now add these fried balls into boiling sugar syrup for 2-3 minutes.

Repeat it until all flatten balls of dough fried to medium brown color. Dip them into sugar syrup for 2-3 minutes.

And take them and put them in a plate. Adorn with Saffron.

Our awesome badusha is ready to taste.

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