Aloe vera gel drink:

Aloe vera gel drink is made using white part of aloe vera and it has extraordinary health benefits.

Few of the benefits are it cools body, it has enough elements that helps to keep body healthy and hair to stay strong.

If we see most beauty products are made using aloe vera and it has excellent medicinal properties too.

How to make aloe vera gel drink:

Take aloe vera leaves for half feet. Remove skin and yellow gel from it. Then take the white part of the gel which is used to make juice.

Most importantly wash the white part well for 6 to 7 times in pure water.

Then put the clean white part in mixie jar and blend well till it becomes as watery juice.

Add some butter milk with this juice and a pinch of salt to get excellent taste.

This is simple and easily made at home. Enjoy the benefits of Aloe vera and have happy life:)

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