A healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is on our hand. We should be healthy physically and mentally.

Physical health is maintained by exercise, eating habit, remove waste from body and being cool.

Out of those above tips, removing waste from body plays important role from keeping body immune and get rid the disease from body.

Bowl cleaning:

Removing waste from bowl is one of the important thing in removing waste from body.

Excretion clears bowl everyday but not perfectly. So, purgative helps to remove waste from body twice in a year is important.

In Tamilnadu( India) there is purgative tablets available in Ayurveda medical stores.

I recommend to have this Ayurvedic tablets for purgative purpose and follow the procedure mentioned in that leaflet.

Once the purgative for 4-5 times over, prepare the pepper rasam and have it with white rice to get bowls energy and medicinal effects of those green leaves.

Removing waste from Skin:

To remove waste from skin, exercise until enough sweat removed from body. Or, Walk regularly with high speed while it sweats.

That’s do exercises to remove the waste using sweats.

Removing waste from blood:

When we remove waste from bowl, it automatically helps to secret good blood cells in our body.

If you want to remove all impurities from blood have alots of water, honey+lemon+hotwater, some fruits like Pine apple juice will purify the blood.

Removing waste from Bladder:

Certainly have enough fruit juices and water to bring out the waste from blood through Bladder.

Eat plantain flower poriyal, Plantain stem poriyal and Yannai nerungi(Tribulus terrestris) leaf poriyal to remove kidney stone.

http://www.lsnhealthytips.com/vazhaipoo-poriyal-banana-flower-poriyal/(opens in a new tab)

Removing body heat:

Firstly eating habit is one important thing in making body heat. Let’s have foods that cools body and take oil bath regularly twice in a week to remove body heat.

We need to follow right procedure to take oil bath. We need to wake up in the early morning 5 o’clock. Most importantly, heat the gingelly oil for lukewarm.

Apply on head and massage for some time. Then apply oil over the body keep it for half an hour.

Then take hot water bath and take rest on that day. It gives you excellent energy and reduces body heat. It would heal some of the disease due to body heat.

Follow the tips for healthy lifestyle:1. Certainly it gives good health to enjoy healthy life.

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