Tuberose plant

Tuberose plant is a small plant. It gives nice flowers. So, flowers are used to make fragrance oils(essential oil). This oil is used to make natural beauty soap, scents, perfumes and few more purpose too.

Tuberose plant flowers for brides floral garland:

Firstly, Tuberose are used to make floral garlands for bridal makeup. It is tied up in a nice way to adorn neck of bride and bride groom from ancient days. In my marriage too, for me and my husband wore tuberose floral garlands.

Garland of tuberose
garland for bride and bride groom

Tuberose plant flowers for bridal makeup:

Most importantly, tuberose flowers are tied in a elegant way for bridal make up and all women likes it to wear.

Garland for hair

Tuberose garland is made for bride groom hair make up.

This flower is used to make scent and perfume.

Here is the link for making fragrance oil(Tuberose oil).

There is video about tuberose plants.

Tuberose plant grows in well drained soils and in fertile soils. It is border plant to grow at home. So, everyone grow in your garden and enjoy it’s elegance.

And try to make fragrance oil at home and massage your face and body with tuberose oil to get elegant look. Most importantly you will be happy once you prepare oil or scent using your garden flowers.

So, if anybody needs small plants of this to grow in your garden, please contact me. I’ll send it and I’ll tell the cost too.

Finally, here is the link for tuberose you tube video. Certainly use natural flowers for fragrance to keep healthy life style. But the fragrance oils available in market may not be made using real flowers.

So, every one try to grow these plants and enjoy your happy life. Once you see these flowers, you will enjoy it’s smell and elegance.:)

I made video of tuber rose plants. The following is the link. So, please all of you see the video and enjoy my garden tuberose.

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