Tips for healthy lifestyle

Tips for healthy lifestyle :

The following tips are followed by me and enjoyed with it’s benefits. This would help us increase the health and reduce the risk of disease.

Tips for healthy lifestyle: 1

When you wake up take luke warm water with honey and lemon would remove the waste from bowl. Which helps for secretion of new blood cells.

Tips for healthy lifestyle :2

Take all colored fruits and nuts as break fast which gives all nutrition to our body that helps to keep the rejuvenation of skin. Take few pieces of apple, Orange, Pine apple, Jack fruit, Date fruit, Grapes and pomegranate. Cashew, badam, Pista and walnut one piece each.


Take cumin seed water. We can make it at home. Boil 1 liter of water and turn off the stove. Add 1 table spoon of cumin seeds and keep the water added with cumin seeds for 1/2 an hour.

Then drain out the water separately.

Take this 1 tumbler of water each time. Have this water for the whole day.  This would remove the toxins from body.


Take rice or chapathi(roti) with 1 or 2 vegetable curry, Instant pot Sambar, Pepper Rasam, and Curd.

This would fill the stomach.


Prepare any of the evening snack which I have added in my blog and enjoy them.


Excrete twice day that would keep your intestine cleanly.


Have dinner as either idly, Chapathi and Ghee dosa with excellent side dishes.

Take rest for 8 hours at night!:) I feel, Tips for healthy lifestyle would help you:)


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