Tea Taj Mahal

Tea Taj Mahal became one of the important beverage to welcome guests. Here is the method how to prepare it.

Ingredients required to make Tea Taj Mahal:

*Taj Mahal teapowder -1/2 teaspoon

*Raw sugar- 1.5 teaspoon(according to your taste)

*Water -50ml

*Milk -100ml

*Ginger-1 inch piece (optional)

Preparation of tea:

Firstly put tea pan on stove and lit the stove. But stove should be medium flame.

Secondly add water , sugar,ginger and tea powder and let them boil for 1 minute.

Then add milk to the mixer which boils. Let them boil for 30 more seconds.

Finally our milk tea is ready serve for 1 person. I’m have used many tea powders. All are dust tea and I don’t like their taste. Certainly I like the Taj tea for it’s perfect taste.

So, everyone try to use Taj tea powder to welcome guests. Have this beverage once in a day to get active mind and healthy life. But I don’t recommend to have more than once in a day. Just 10-15 sips are enough to keep your health and active mind. šŸ™‚

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