Summer drinks 2019

Summer drinks 2019:

Summer drinks are made using few easily available ingredients that makes body cool and increases immunity to the body. They are very easy to prepare that helps to easily manage summer hot.

Here are 5 summer drinks that I’m going to tell how to prepare them.

Basil seed(Sabja seeds) juice or sarbath:

We are going to discover some amazing sabja seed benefits, also known as sweet basil seed. It is also called sweet basil but it is different from the Holy Basil or Tulasi which is found in every Indian household. Which is credited for Immunity-boosing properties and cooling property of body.

Ingredients required for Basil seed juice:

  1. Sabja seeds -1 table spoonful
  2. Honey -2 table spoonful
  3. Water -1 medium size tumbler

Take the Sabja seeds and rinse with water well. Then soak it in water overnight. In the morning drain out the water and add honey to it.

Mix the drained water and honey well then have it in the morning or in the afternoon. It would increase the immunity of health and cools the body.

Amla juice:

We know the health benefits of Amla and it’s nutrients. So, take 1 tumbler of juice daily gives extraordinary benefits like completes the Vitamin C need of the body.

Ingredients required for Amla juice:

  1. Amla -1 (any size)
  2. Honey -2 table spoon
  3. Water -1 tumbler

Take amla and remove the seed from it. Then grind it to a fine paste and add water and Honey then mix them well. Now, the Amla juice is ready to have.

We can take it after the breakfast or lunch. It improves the immunity and reduces the bad cholestrol and cools the body.

Rose milk:

Rose milk is NOT a market available essence. It is made at home.

Ingredients required for Rose Milk:

  1. Light pink color rose -1 handful
  2. Milk -1 tumbler(warm milk )
  3. Honey -2 table spoon

Preparation of Rose milk:

Separate rose petals from Rose and rinse them well. Then boil the milk.

Once the milk boils turn of the stove and pour the milk in a tumbler or bowl.Let it cool for some seconds. Then add the rose petals and mix them with water. Then close the tumbler with lid.

Keep the mixture for 1-2 hours. After that drain out the rose petals from the milk. Add Honey and mix it with rose milk. Now, our delicious kulkand like milk is ready to have. If you want chil then keep it in Refriderator for 2-3 hours and then add honey. Then enjoy the delicious rose milk.

It is very healthy to all , it has vital cooling property so, all can take in all season.

Please don’t use market available rose milk essence.

If you take this Rose milk for some months, your skin would be fare than before.

Water melon juice:

Water melon has more water content. So, it reduces the thirst immediately once we have it. We can say it is the fruit given by god for this hot summer season.

Ingredients required for water melon juice:

  1. Water melon (Take the red part of the fruit)-1 cup
  2. Honey -2 table spoon
  3. Water -1 tumbler

Preparation of water melon juice:

Take the water melon and remove the seeds. Then add water and water melon mix them well using mixie jar.

Finally add honey then stir with a spoon to make it as a delicious drink. Have this in any time would give us excellent nutrition to our body.

Nanari sarbath:

Every Indian knows about the health benefits of Nanari plant and the Nanari roots.

It cools the body and have with honey gives extraordinary benefits to health.

Ingredients required for Nanari sarbath:

  1. Nanari ver – 5 grams.
  2. water -1 tumbler
  3. Honey -2 table spoon

Preparation of Nanari sarbath:

Take the Nanari ver and rinse it well with clean water. Then soak it water over night. In the morning drain out the water and add honey to it. Mix them well. Have this drink in everyday morning and keeps the body cool and your brain active.

If you want add some ice cubes with the juices that we prepared while taking. But I don’t recommend to use ice cubes. Because it would make obesity.

I my website I won’t use any artificial or non healthy ingredients to prepare any of my recipes. in a new tab)

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