Soup is an drink made using greens, vegetables and few other ingredients.

The Novel Corona Virus is spreading across the world. So this is the right time to boost immunity by using easily available greens and vegetables.

Let’s see about a soup using drumstick leaves. We know the awesome benefits of drumstick. We are going to use main ingredient as drumstick leaves to prepare the soup.

Ingredients required:

*Drumstick greens – 1 handful

*Any green and it’s stems which we used to cook-1 handful

*Cumin seeds -1/2 teaspoon

*Pepper – 4 pieces

*Fenugreek -1/4 teaspoon

*Oregano seeds(Omam) -2 pinches

*Black cumin -1 pinch

*Garlic -4 cloves

*Small onion -4(pealed)

*Turmeric powder – few pinces

*Salt – required amount

Preparation of Soup

Rinse the drumstick leaves and other greens with water. Then put all other ingredients in a sieve and rinse them too well.

And put them together in a vessel and add water of 500ml. Let it boil till the water goes to 400ml.


Or, we can boil it till it goes to 350ml. If we want drain out the water part using sieve. Then blend the all other ingredients without that water part by adding some water.

Now add this blended paste into the water we drained. Then mix them well. Or, just use the drained water as soup.


Then filter using sieve. Now, our Soup is ready.

Finally add few pinches of turmeric powder and salt for taste to serve.

Now let it cool for some time and drink.

Have happy life! šŸ™‚

All are you please be safe!

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