shivaratri is a auspicious day to energize our mind and body. So all of you do meditation today night to energize your mind regardless of religion or any other.

I wish you all for best life and happy lif’e and God bless you all.

Today February 21 Friday is the start of the Maha shivaratri. Today is Thrayothasi thithi. And in the evening approximately at 6.47pm(IST) the Chathurthasi thiti starts. Today(Friday 21st February) night is Maha Shivarathri.

There are pooja at temple for 4 times from 6pm to tomorrow early morning 4am.

Today I’m fasting from morning because we need to follow fasting in the morning of Shivarathri day and follow it till tomorrow morning. I will take some fruit and tender coconut water.

I’m chanting Shiva mantras and pray god for all , me and for my family.

The scientific reason behind the Maha shivaratri is the awesome to know. On this particular day we can energize our body with good waves.

Eather power is spread over the space. Most importantly in this auspicious day, Eather power’s direction is opposite to our earth moving direction. So meditation at this night gives enormous energy to our mind and body.

So, I’m going to meditate this night for long time to energize my mind and body.

Certainly it gives me good power to my mind. So, every one keep vigil today’s night and pray our Shiva to get energy to our mind.

We all know mental power is the power that directs our life.

So all of you do fasting and energize your mind and body for your better life.

God bless you! 🙂 🙂

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