rava ladoo recipe:

rava ladoo recipe says simple ways to make rava ladoo for evening snacks and auspicious occasions.

Things required for how to make rava ladoo recipe:

*Rava-250 grams

*Jaggery or raw sugar – 150 grams

*Cardamom -5 pieces

*Kismis -10 pieces

*Milk – 100ml(boiled and cooled)

*Cashew nut -5 pieces

*Saffron -1 pinch

*Ghee -2 table spoon

*Coconut grated – 2 spoonful.

Preparation of rava ladoo:

Take rava and fry by adding little bit ghee till rava turns light brown in medium flame. Then turn off the stove.

Fry of rava with ghee

Fry the cashew nuts and grated coconut by adding ghee to it.

Then powder the cashew nuts , cardamon by adding two spoon of jaggery to it.

Rava, grated coconut, cashew, kismis and ghee.

Keep it aside. Then when the fried rawa cools down, blend it into fine powder using blender of mixie.

Then keep it aside. Then add this mixer to the cardamom powder, coconut fry and jaggery.

Now, fry the kismis fruit by adding some ghee then add it to the rava mix.

Adding milk to the rava, fried grated coconut, ghee, powded cardamom, cashew powder and raw sugar mix.

Finally heat the milk and add this milk 10ml by 10ml to the mixer and mix them well till we get enough paste form. Now, add saffron(Optional) to the mixer and let it cool for 1/2 an hour.

After adding the milk and mix it well.

After 1/2 an hour mix them well and make balls. Finally our rava ladoo is ready to serve. It is star hotel like laddu. Excellent in taste because we add milk to it.

Rava ladoo

Prepare and enjoy then leave your comments.:)


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