Ragi malt drink

Ragi malt drink made using ragi flour. It is simple drink made at home. It is delicious and healthy to have instead of coffee or tea. This is the baby food in India.

In my real life experience, the coffee and tea imbalance the PH value of our body, so our skin become dull and dark. Totally our beauty goes off due to these coffee and tea.

Taking coffee or tea once in a day works like medicine. But taking more than that would gives us beauty issues and health issues too.

So, Ragi malt drink is the best substitute for that.

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There are two steps in making ragi malt drink

1) Making ragi malt flour

2) Preparation of ragi malt drink

Things required for Ragi flour:

  • Ragi -250 grams

Just Ragi is enough to make flour.

Firstly take ragi and rinse it well. Secondly remove all stones from ragi and all impurities.

Now we need to sprout the ragi. For that, firstly soak in water for 6 hours. After that drain out the water and put in a white cloth. Then fold the cloth and tie it. Leave it for 12 hours, the white sprout will come out from the ragi.

Ragi is ready to dry. Dry the ragi well under the roof. Dry it well and then powder using hand grinder that is available in village side. Or using mixie jar, make it as a fine powder.

Finally our ragi malt flour is ready to make ragi malt drink.

Ragi, sprouted ragi and ragi flour

Preparation of ragi malt drink:

Firstly take 1 table spoon of ragi malt flour. Add 50ml of water to it and mix them well to dilute the flour.

Then put a bowl on the stove and pour 150ml of water. Let it boil.

Once water started to boil, we can add the diluted ragi flour. And stir well till the flour changes to light brown color.

Finally our ragi malt drink is ready. Now you can add raw sugar(palm sugar), cardamom and ghee with this drink and serve. You can add coconut milk too to get awesome taste. Or, add butter milk and salt to the drink and serve.

If you want flavored ragi drink, use curry leaves, corriander leaves, green chili cuts, garlic powder(1 or 2 pinch) and add whatever you want to make it more delicious. It’s all your ideas to make it more delicious.

Ragi malt drink

Ragi has minerals rich in calcium , iron, niacin, thiamin and riboflavin. We can have this drink instead of market available drinks.

So, take 250ml of ragi drink everyday instead of breakfast would give you good skin texture and healthy body. It would improve your confidence about you:)

All of you please stop taking too much coffee and tea but take ragi drink to avoid so many disease and get healthy body.

Have a happy life! šŸ™‚

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