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Ghee dosa with masala

Ghee Dosa with Masala : Ghee Dosa with Masala is a Dosa recipe for breakfast and  dinner contains natural green leaves that gives extraordinary health benefits. Things required for Dosa with masala: Dosa flour which we prepared for making dosa. Ghee -100g Masala- we need to prepare it. All we need are green leaves which […]

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Home made peanut butter

Home made peanut butter: Peanut butter-Spread is a healthy and nutritious side dish which is used as side dish to bread and Chapathi. Things required for Peanut butter-Spread: Peanuts  -100 grams Salt -little bit Palm Jaggery- 50g Honey- 2 table spoon Preparation of Home made peanut butter: Firstly roast the Peanut until it turns […]

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Sambar in instant pot

Sambar in instant pot: Sambar is a special dish for South Indian people. Dal is rich in protein and vegetables are nutritious to health. Let’s see ingredients and how to make Sambar in Soil pot. Ingredients: Dal-100g Vegetables to add in Sambar: 4 numbers of beans, 1 carat, 2 tomatoes , 1Drumstick(use either drumstick or […]

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