mysore pak seimurai:

mysore pak seimurai tells about the steps to prepare mysore pak sweet. It is prepared in festival and special occasions. But it is dark in color and very healthy.

mysore pak is delicious and kept for 15days to 1 month to use. I never use white sugar in my kitchen because every one think how much chemical should be used to make brown color sugar as white color sugar.

I request to all of my viewers to change from white sugar to raw sugar to have healthy lifestyle. Above all start giving sweets to your child from childhood itself they will certainly enjoy this taste.

The sweets prepared using raw sugar may not taste immediately to somebody by taste it by soak it in saliva gives you awesome taste.

I’m writing this blog to make everyone have healthy lifestyle and enjoy the humanity.

Ingredients for mysore pak:

*Besan flour or gram flour -100 gram

*Jaggery or raw sugar -200 gram

*Butter -5-6 teaspoonful

*Ghee -2 teaspoonful

*Cashew nut powder -2 teaspoon

*milk- 50ml

mysore pak seimurai:

Step:1. Firstly put pan(bottom of pan should be little weight) in stove and add jaggery or raw sugar. And add milk with sugar to get sugar syrup.

Step:2 On the stove and put in low flame or medium flame.

Step:3 Stir the sugar syrup until it turns little bit sticky stage(One string consistency). While doing this take a clean plate and pour 1 table spoon of ghee and spread it over and all edges of plate.

Step:4 Add water to gram flour and mix it well without any clots. Now, add this paste little by little into sugar syrup and stir well.

Step:5 Add the cashew powder to this mixer and stir well by adding the butter until it comes to mysore pak texture.

Step:6 After the texture of mixture comes to enough state, turn off the stove.

Step:7 Finally pour the mixture in the plate and add 1 table spoon of ghee over it. Then leave it for 10 minutes to cool down.

step:8 Finally slice them into the shape we need and serve it.

This mysore pak will be dark in color because we are using jaggery or raw sugar. As a result, we get healthy burfi because everyone knows dark color sweets are good for health.

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