Masal vadai recipe:

Masal vadai recipe is made using Pattu paruppu. Pattu paruppu is looks same as Bengal gram but Pattu paruppu is little bit big in size. Don’t use bengal gram for making vadai, that won’t give us good taste.

I’ll show the image of Pattu paruppu.

Pattu paruppu

This is delicious snacks and made during auspicious days. And it is made during arrival of guests.

Things required to make masal vadai recipe paste:

*Pattu paruppu -250 grams

*Fennel seeds -1/2 teaspoon

* Cinnamon -1 inch

*Ginger – 1 inch(Remove the skin of ginger)

*Garlic – 15-20 cloves

*Red chili-3 pieces

*Big onion -1 (Clean and chop into small pieces)

*Green chili- 2 pieces(cut into small pieces)

*Curry and coriander leaves – 1 handful each(Cut each of them into very small pieces)

*Salt -required amount

*Ground nut oil or any other vegetable oil- 1/2 liter

Rinse the pattu paruppu well and soak it in water for 30 minutes. While it soaks , Chop the big onion and cut the green chili. And rinse the curry and coriander leaves then cut them into small pieces. Keep them aside.

Once the pattu paruppu soaked well, drain out the water and add all the ingredients fennel seeds, cinnamon, ginger , garlic and red chili. Grind it into a coarse paste.

While we grind it , put the pan in stove and let it dry. Now add the ground nut oil and let it heat while we prepare balls for vadai.

Take off the ground paste from mixie jar or grinder then add the chopped onion, small pieces of green chili and curry and coriander leaves.

Add the required amount of salt.

Mix them well.

Make into small balls like 3/4 inch ball.

Keep the balls aside.

At the same time the oil would be heated and ready to make vadai.

Now, press each ball shaped paste into small circle shaped using our palms and put it into oil. We can do like this for 10 balls and put into oil.

Let it boil for some time we need to change the sides to boil well on both sides. Once it boiled , take off. Then put other remaining balls like we did.

Finally our Paruppu vadai is ready to serve and eat. It is delicious and evening snack for children. Certainly all children like this recipe.

Please try it and share your comments:)

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