Smooth lip balm

Lip balm, Organic lip balm.

Organic lip balm is made using complete natural ingredients which gives healthy chemical free , glowing and smooth lips.

If we think, we are living with chemicals and nasty things. But the things we eat are glowing and colorful.

Most importantly, every one needs to know what we eat and what we apply like are they natural or chemical.

Why should we go for chemical products when we have Natural things available in our earth?

This website is completely to make awareness to the people that we have a lots of natural things to eat and use and not to go with chemicals.

In ancient days, the sick people are very less.

But nowadays each family has two or more sick people. To recover the next generation, please try to use Natural things as it is or use the value added natural things.

Kindly all try changing the life style for wellness of next generation. That’s why I’m uploading some recipes with natural ingredients and promoting some products which has only natural ingredients.

Here is lip balm made all with natural ingredients.

The ingredients are

  1. Bees wax

2. Beet root essential oil


Firstly, use the double boiling method to heat the bees wax. Once the bees wax became melt add the beet root essential oil and mix them well.

Secondly , stir it for 3 to 5 minutes until they mix them properly.

Then take off from stove and pour it in container and leave it to cool. Finally, it would become smooth solid to apply for lip.

How to use it?:)

Finally, take smooth and nice natural lip balm using indicating finger and apply on your lips and it would become nice and smooth little bit enhanced color within few days.

This is natural lip balm made using all natural ingredients. So, enjoy by making it or contact me through this website to get natural lip balm.

Thanks! Please follow me in this website to get more natural products and preparation of them.

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